Personal Manifesto — Installment №2

Impossible year.

She was going to lose the weight. She was going to lose the burdens. She was going to fly.

It’s quicksand; she begins to sink into the unforgiving depths.

The Screams resonate between her ears.

The more she hears them, the more apathetic she becomes. Now a weekly occurance.

She isn’t a part of it, but somehow, she is the one who ends up getting drained.

Her routine starts to dwindle.

Her body clock no longer spins.

She grows weary as her eyes grow heavy.

Wanting to sleep — lethargy settles in — but she is too tired to sleep…or is she just too wired to sleep…at this point, she can’t tell anymore.

When she does catch some, she can’t rise like she used to.

The only good thing that has come out of this is her relationship with Him. It’s better — growing stronger, though not perfect. But at least she is anchored.

It is well.

Let it be.

Somehow, she still chooses joy every day.

The photograph of my grandfather and I on my desk.

The alone time I have on the drive to work with Him.

The subtle notion that everything will be okay…


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