I’ve Been Gone for Two Months…Now I’m Back and have a New Game Plan:

When I started this blog, my goal was to put out one post every week. My game plan was set and I was ready to rock. However, I decided that when I started taking my online acting intensive, I thought it would be a good idea to take a little break from writing; I have not published a story since the beginning of June!

Let me tell you, that month went by so fast. I was learning new things so fast, for a moment I didn’t know what hit me…but what an experience it was! Originally, I was going to blog about the experiences I had while the intensive was happening; I knew that with having to move around my work schedule, that would be really difficult to do. So, I decided to make it a mish-mosh of different stories throughout the next few weeks, starting with the general things that I learned and then going deeper into the acting portion of it.

Some of the more general things that I learned are:

  1. I had more time to do things that I originally thought I would have. Yes, there were some days that I had no time to do anything but work and class. But most days, I had a lot of extra time…even when I was working late. So what is my excuse now? I have been putting things off and there is no reason for it! Rather than putting out one story a week, I should be aiming higher.

In the coming weeks, I will be focusing on writing stories about the acting side of my intensive. The following are some of the things that were engrained into my mind and that I intend to write about:

  1. Acting isn’t just about finding out how the character works…it’s also about finding out how you work.

Of course, there will be other stories in the mix that I have been sitting on for two months, but the above will be the ones to look out for! I am so excited to start writing again!

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