Personal Manifesto — Installment №2

Impossible year.

She was going to lose the weight. She was going to lose the burdens. She was going to fly.

It’s quicksand; she begins to sink into the unforgiving depths.

The Screams resonate between her ears.

The more she hears them, the more apathetic…

Personal Manifesto — Installment №1

I’ve never seen the sun so pink…

Well, maybe once — in California.

I start my music — and all at once, i knew nothing — only people who get it will get it.

With candles lit, I sit on my bed up against the…

She looks skinny for once…

Your belly is sitting on your lap…


I have heard it plenty of times before. All of it.

I was never very happy with my body, even from a young age. I have also never been one to shy away from a giant bowl…

People think that I am a very disorganized individual. That I hold off until the last minute to get things done. That I don’t take what I do seriously.

But really, they have no idea about the time and effort I put into my work.

It’s true, I do tend…

Ashley Brouwer

| Actor | Singer | Writer | Spreading Positivity & Optimism |

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